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    If you get the error "An appropriate representation of the requested resource /administrator/index.php"....

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    Question: Can I assign Joomla Articles to multiple Categories?

    Answer: No, but there are some options to consider....

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    The CMS installer application lacked a process to verify the users ownership of a webspace, potentially allowing users to gain control.

    Please note: Already installed sites are not affected, as this issue is limited to the installer application!

    Affected Installs

    Joomla! CMS versions 1.0.0 through 3.7.3


    Upgrade to version 3.7.4

  • Question: How can I see the module names and positions in my Joomla 3 template?

    Answer: Follow the easy steps below...

  • gear-singleIf the Joomla Intro Text is not displayed in full Article view check the Article Manager Options setting .

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    For Joomla 3.x the process is the same as for Joomla 2.5 except that DS is replaced by actual directory separator.

    define( 'JPATH_CONFIGURATION', JPATH_ROOT.DS.'..'.DS.'sitename' );
    define( 'JPATH_CONFIGURATION', JPATH_ROOT.'/../sitename' );


    Question: How can I protect my Joomla 3.x configuration.php file from possibly being viewed due to server misconfiguration?

    Answer: Move it to the |Home directory (above public_html directory) which can only be accessed via FTP or CPanel File Manager.

     Pros: configuration.php will be better protected and your site will be more secure.

    Cons: No longer possible to edit configuration.php via Global Configuration in Joomla Administrator. The file must be manually edited.

    Step 1: Move configuration.php from the public_html directory (folder) to the Home directory above using FTP or CPanel File Manager.

    Tip: If you have more than one Joomla site involved make a folder for the file to keep it separate otherwise it could be overwritten. eg:(/home/cpanelusername/sitename/configuration.php)

     Step 2:  Edit the files that contain the path to configuration.php.
    [joomla root]/includes/defines.php
    [joomla root]/administrator/includes/defines.php

    This is the constant to modify

    For example if Joomla is installed in the public_html folder (web root) then to move the file up one level into the Home directory and into a folder named "sitename" the constant will look like this:
    define( 'JPATH_CONFIGURATION', JPATH_ROOT.'/../sitename' );

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    Question: How can I preview a Joomla Article before publishing it ?

  • lockOnce your SSL certificate is installed Joomla 3 can be told to make use of it. Joomla 3 SSL (https://) for secure transactions can be setup globally or per Menu Item.

  • pencilJoomla 3.2 introduces a new Content Versioning feature called Save History. You could think this as multiple revisions or multiple levels of Undo. It just needs to be enabled.

  • Description

    Inadequate checking allowed the potential for a denial of service attack.

    Affected Installs

    Joomla! CMS versions 2.5.4 through 2.5.25, 3.2.5 and earlier 3.x versions, 3.3.0 through 3.3.4


    Upgrade to version 2.5.26, 3.2.6, or 3.3.5

    Backup your Joomla files and database first.

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