pencilJoomla 3.2 introduces a new Content Versioning feature called Save History. You could think this as multiple revisions or multiple levels of Undo. It just needs to be enabled.

 In the Joomla Administrator go to Content -> Article Manager [ Options button ]
This will open the view below.


  1. Set Save History to Yes.
  2. Set Maximum Versions to the number you want. The default of 10 is probably good for most users.
  3. Save.

Using Joomla Version History

Once Save History is enabled you will see a Versions button in Article edit view.
This opens a new window where you can:

  1. Preview revisions
  2. Compare revisions
  3. Restore revisions
  4. Permanently Keep or Delete revisions

Below is a video on how to use Joomla Article History.

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