For Joomla 3.x the process is the same as for Joomla 2.5 except that DS is replaced by actual directory separator.

define( 'JPATH_CONFIGURATION', JPATH_ROOT.DS.'..'.DS.'sitename' );
define( 'JPATH_CONFIGURATION', JPATH_ROOT.'/../sitename' );


Question: How can I protect my Joomla 3.x configuration.php file from possibly being viewed due to server misconfiguration?

Answer: Move it to the |Home directory (above public_html directory) which can only be accessed via FTP or CPanel File Manager.

 Pros: configuration.php will be better protected and your site will be more secure.

Cons: No longer possible to edit configuration.php via Global Configuration in Joomla Administrator. The file must be manually edited.

Step 1: Move configuration.php from the public_html directory (folder) to the Home directory above using FTP or CPanel File Manager.

Tip: If you have more than one Joomla site involved make a folder for the file to keep it separate otherwise it could be overwritten. eg:(/home/cpanelusername/sitename/configuration.php)

 Step 2:  Edit the files that contain the path to configuration.php.
[joomla root]/includes/defines.php
[joomla root]/administrator/includes/defines.php

This is the constant to modify

For example if Joomla is installed in the public_html folder (web root) then to move the file up one level into the Home directory and into a folder named "sitename" the constant will look like this:
define( 'JPATH_CONFIGURATION', JPATH_ROOT.'/../sitename' );

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