The single most important thing you can do to ensure a secure Joomla website is to always be running the latest release.

Many Joomla users are busy running a business and may not have the time or expertise to perform Joomla updates.

That's why many business owners use my service to perform Joomla updates.

Purchase the Joomla update Service now and get some peace of mind knowing your site will not become a victim.

It costs next to nothing and will make your Joomla website as secure and bug free as it can be.

Basic Joomla update: $35 Canadian Dollars (GST included)

Please contact me first before paying.


* Note: Both FTP and Super Administrator access to your Joomla installation are required to complete and test the update.

* Note: Updating Joomla may have adverse affects on other third party components, modules and plugins. We cannot be responsible if some of these do not function properly after the update. We will work with you to resolve any problems that arise, but this additional time is not part of the update fee and additional fees may be incurred. You will be presented with a quote if additional fees are required. There is no obligation.



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