Simple Website Builders Canada

All Web Hosting Canada Plans include Softaculous SitePad and CPanel Site Publisher as ways for putting up a simple webpage easy and fast.

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to get a website published we have a couple options.

This can be a good solution for creating a fast temporary page with basic information while you are developing a more complex site.

Simpler to use than something such as WordPress or Joomla for first time users.

Softaculous SitePad

  • Get a 3 page site for free or opt for one of the paid plans to get more pages, etc.
  • Over 300 Responsive Designs to choose from.
  • Publishes to your CPanel hosting account via FTP
  • Included with the purchase of a hosting plan.
  • SitePad Features:

CPanel Site Publisher

  • In the Domains section of CPanel.
  • 12 templates to choose from.
  • Customize and publish.
  • Fast, simple and included with the purchase of a hosting plan.

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