Web Hosting in Canada with Free SSL Certificates

CPanel now has a feature called AutoSSL that communicates with LetsEncrypt.org to automatically install domain validated SSL Certificates with no cost and no effort.

Since Google now considers SSL (Secure Socket Layer) (https) to be a ranking factor in their search results SSL Certificates are more important than ever.

Chrome, the most used browser, will start marking sites without SSL as “not secure” in July 2018.

The Chrome SSL warning caused by not having a SSL certificate could adversely affect your sites rank in Google.

Visitors who see this warning might not visit your site.

This free SSL service levels the playing field for all and helps to make SSL the new standard for a better, more secure Internet.

Example of the Google Chrome SSL Warning – Where to look for it

If you go to


you will see the “Not Secure” warning to the left of the domain name in the browser address bar.

If you go to


you will see that there is a lock icon to the left of the domain name that confirms the connection is secure because a SSL certificate has been installed.

Force Redirect Web Site Visitors to Use SSL Secure Connection

When SSL is installed for a domain you may want to use .htaccess to redirect all http (non-secure) requests to https (secure).

This way users will not have to be aware if they are accessing the site by http or https… it will always be https.

We have directions for that here.