How can I make a payment?

Payments may be made by:

  • PayPal (credit cards are accepted through PayPal only)
  • Interac bank e-transfer
  • Cheque (for yearly payments only please)
  • The payment method can be selected at the top of the invoice when logged into the billing system and viewing it there.

    We use Paypal subscriptions which automatically bill your credit card each month, or you can pay manually by PayPal each month.

Past Due Invoices

We allow 10 days to pay any past due invoices. If not paid within the ten days your account will be suspended.
Make sure you keep your credit card information current in your internet payment gateway account (Paypal).

PayPal Subscribe vs Check Out

If you pay an invoice before the due date you will see the PayPal "Subscribe" button and the PayPal "Check Out" button at the top of the invoice.
"Subscribe" is auto billing after first payment.
"Check Out" is a one time payment.

When the invoice is past the due date only the PayPal "Check Out" is shown on the invoice.

Be careful not to create duplicate subscriptions.
If you do by mistake and are double billed, just let us know and we will refund the over payment and cancel the duplicate subscription for you.
You can see what subscriptions you have, update the funding source for subscriptions, and cancel subscriptions from your PayPal account.

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