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Have your website at, but keep email on our server.

  1. Add the CNAMES and A records provided by Squarespace in the Zone Editor in CPanel. There will already be one A record present. Edit that one and add the others. Make note of the existing A record IP before changing it as you will need it in step two. (though you will see it in other entries such as
  2. In the Zone Editor find the CNAME (not  Edit it to be an A record pointing to the server IP (mentioned in step 1) instead of a CNAME.
  3. In the Email Routing section of CPanel change to the Local Mail Exchanger setting.

If you are a client and want us to make these changes for you please open a support ticket.

Unlike a DNS change that takes time to propagate the changing of the A record for website requests happens pretty much right away.

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