CPanel Full Site Backups - Please Read Important

Please be aware that the "Full Backup"  and  "Account Backups" in the Backups section of CPanel...

 Block All Website Visitors Except My IP Using htaccess

First you will want to determine your IP address. Google will display your IP Address at this...

 CPanel File Manager - Show Invisible Files (files names that begin with a dot)

To show invisible files in CPanel File Manager go to Files > File Manager and in the upper...

 Can't Upload Files ?

If uploading a file fails or stalls please check the possible causes below. If you are using...

 How to Manage Files in CPanel

In CPanel go to Files -> File Manageror use a FTP client such as FileZilla

 If you are behind a router enable passive FTP mode.

If you are behind a router enable "passive mode" in the preferences of your FTP program.

 My ftp is slow or disconnects while uploading!

Go into your ftp options and see if passive mode is checked. If it is, uncheck it. If it is not...

 Not Seeing a Change in Disk Usage After Deleting Files

It can take 15 minutes for CPanel to update the File Usage value after deleting files.

 Password Protect Directories?

You can password protect directory's within cPanel.In cPanel go to Files -> Directory Privacy

 Redirect All Website Visitors to Under Maintenance Page Using Htaccess

When performing site maintenance and updates you may want to redirect visitors to an "Under...

 Where can I download a free FTP application?

We recommend downloading FileZilla from here.