Backup WordPress (or any App) installed by Softaculous

1. To get to Softaculous click any of the icons in the Softaculous Apps Installer section of CPanel (near the bottom of CPanel).
2. In Softaculous click the "All Installations" button at top right. softaculous-all-installations-icon

3. All installations will be shown here. Click the Backup button to the right of the App you want to backup. softaculous-backup-button


4. Use the default settings and add a note if you wish in the Backup Note field.

5. Click the "Backup Installation" button at bottom. You should receive an email when the backup is complete. You can browse away from the backup progress page before the backup is completed and it will not cause a problem.

6. To mange the backups click the Backup icon at top right of Softaculous softaculous-backup-restore-icon There you can download and delete backups.

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