Use Google GMail for your Email Storage Instead of Our Server

! In order to use Google Apps services, you must have a Google Apps account set up with Google.

This article shows how to route the mail traffic for your domain to Google thus freeing up space on our server for your other web hosting needs.

  1. In CPanel go to Email > Email Routing
  2. Select the domain using the pull down menu
  3. Under "Configure Email Routing" select "Remote Mail Exchanger" and click "Change" button to save.
  4. In CPanel go to Domains > Zone Editor
  5. Click the "Manage" button to right of the domain.
  6. Click the "edit" button to right of the existing MX entry. (Look in column "Type" for "MX".) Click the "Edit" button on the right and edit this to be the first MX server address listed in the table below.
  7. Use the "Add Record" button at to right to add the remaining four mx server addresses.
  8. In the end you should have all five Google MX addresses entered and no MX settings using as the server address.
  9. Please allow 24 hours DNS propagation time before mail will start being sent to Google GMail after making these edits to the CPanel DNS Zone.
MX server address Priority

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