Domain Slammers - watch out for them

A "Domain Slammer" attempts to transfer your domain registration to them by fooling you into thinking they are your current domain registrar.

For this reason it is important to remember where your domain is currently registered.

If you forget you can check by doing a WHOIS lookup for your domain.

An example of a WHOIS Lookup site is

Domain Slammers that have previously targeted our customers are:

  1. Emails from "Domain Service" or "Domain Service" come from a variety of email addresses.
  2. Letter in Mail or Email from Domain Registry of Canada (, iDNS Canada (, or Brandon Gray Internet Services Name Juice (

Once a domain is transferred in error to a Domain Slammer we probably can't get it back for you.

They might also make it hard or impossible to transfer the domain name away from them.

They might steal your domain and keep it for themselves.

They will charge higher than normal renewal fees.




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